i orderd muscle pharms Assault Pre-workout Drink and i tried it for the first time yesterday. i took it about 15 minutes before i got to the gym, and i took the recomended half scoop (1 serving) and i felt next to nothing from it. i felt a tiny bit of tingiling in the begining from the beta anlinine an it gave me a little bit of a better pump bt nothing impressive. so today i tried taking a full scoop, again 15 mins before i got to the gym... and again, next to no noticible results. ive read so many reveiws on this product an how its a night an day differance in there work out when they take it. im jus wondering if anyone has any sugestions... maybe im taking it wrong? or i have to take it more times to notice anything? any feed back wld be MUCH appretiated!
btw im 17.