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    Quest for bigger and better

    So ive started and quit alot of times now and decided to start a journal here to keep me motived when it gets tough. I'll try to update as frequently as i can.The goal for now is to hit 83 kg and then start bulking. So let's get started.

    Weight: 93 kgs
    Height: 179 cm

    Workout routine:

    Day 1 Chest and back

    Chins 3x10
    Barbell bent over row: 3x10
    1 arm dumbell row:3x10
    Dumbell bench press with exercise ball: 3x10
    Incline dumbell bench press: 3x10
    Cable crossover:3x10

    Day 2 Legs

    Running 10 min
    Leg press 3x10
    Calf raise 3x10
    Leg extensions 3x10
    Cable knee raise: 3x10 on each leg
    Running 5 min or skipping rope

    Day 3 Triceps and biceps

    Dips 3x Max
    Dumbell triceps extensions on exercise ball 3x10
    Cable pushdown 3x10
    Barbell curl on exercise ball 3x10
    EZ bar curl 3x10
    Cable biceps curl

    Day 4 Abs

    Crunches on medecine ball 3x max
    Side bridge 3x max
    Plate twist 3x max
    Bent knee hip rise 3xmax
    Exercise ball pull-in 3xmax

    Day 5 Shoulders

    Dumbell lateral raise on exercise ball 3x10
    Dumbell arnold press on exercise ball 3x10
    Shrugs 3x10
    I'll keep searching for the english name of this one 3x10 :P
    Cable internal rotation 3x10 on each arm


    Did do some counting but not sure about the meals and such yet but heres the daily intake

    Cal: 2100
    Carb: 228g
    Protein: 230g
    Fat: 50,9g

    Need to get a new food scale asap

    4 eggs
    Oatmeal with milk

    Salad and as much meat as they let us eat at work !

    Protein shake or smaller meal if theres time to prepare it

    Salad and again as much meat as i can get and some pasta/rice/potato


    Recovery protein shake

    I'll start crunching the numbers tomorow but my goal for the next 2 months will be to slim down as i have had a year off from the gym ive gathered some extra weight to put it lightly ;D I'll post a picture and keep posting one each month to see progress. Also the weights will differ in the begining since i don't want to over do the workouts and risk getting a injury. Will also add some morning cardio to this program.

    Any input on diet or exercises are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Quest for bigger and better

    Had a short workout today, didn't get alot of sleep last night and ended up oversleeping so i couldn't hit the gym before work. So i had to go there after work at 10 pm did it more to get the habbit down than to actually get alot of workout done. But ended up having a decent leg workout. Can't post numbers atm since i forgot the journal at home while in a rush :/


    So heres the pre picture not the best one but will have to do for now, gives an idea where im at right now. :P
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