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    Advice please: my current workout for body fat loss and definition.


    I am 2 weeks into my current regime and havent yielded results as of yet, which is to be expected of course. I just want to know if my current plan is going to get me somewhere.

    Currently I weight about 75kg, or 11 1/2 stone and have about 13% body fat, although it was last recorded at 12.5%. I know theyre not terribly accurate so I will describe my look. I am 54t 7ins with a bit of a pot belly, it has a slight overhang when standing and a big overhang when sitting. I have love handles in the hip area, when i look down on myself it looks bad but in a mirror it sometimes doesnt look as bad as i thought, it still needs work and tightened etc. The possibility is, however, that when I was 17 I crash dieted and lost about 4 stone in 6 months so my fear is that I have loose skin on my stomach, not fat ?

    Anyway, my current meal plan on a daily basis:

    AM: 2 Poached eggs with either 2 slices of dry wholemeal toast or a bowl of shredded wheat raisins, handful of dried fruit and a glass of fruit juice.

    Mid Morning: Item of fruit, usually a banana.

    Lunch: Either mixed salad with a protein item like chicken or turkey OR a weight watchers ready meal but i make sure it has veg/carbs/protein items in it

    Mid afternoon: A bag of snack a jacks or ryvita minis OR a Go Ahead snack bar

    Dinner: Chicken/Turkey Steak OR Portion of haddock/salmon OR Tuna Steak OR Lean Beef steak with broccoli peas and sweetcorn and boiled new baby potatoes. I never have more than 2 portions of fish a week and 1 portion of red meat so its usually chicken or turkey steaks.

    If im still hungry after dinner: weight watchers yoghurt

    Evening: Bowl of grapes, chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Glass of skimmed milk. As i work twilight shifts this is usually about 1am, with bed time being about 3am. Its possible this is too late to be eating?

    My workout plan is as follows:

    Monday: 15 mins crosstrainer, chest and triceps (machine weights)

    Tuesday: No workout

    Wednesday: 15 mins crosstrainer, back, biceps, shoulders(machine weights)

    Thursday: No workout.

    Friday: 15 mins crosstrainer, legs (machine weights)

    Sat/Sun: No workout

    Every workout I also do planks, 2 sets at 1min each for my abs.

    Im not sure if im doing enough cardio, or if machine weights are helpful. but trust me im useless with free weights.

    any advice?

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    Re: Advice please: my current workout for body fat loss and definition.

    watch the fruit juice and dried fruit ... both really really high in sugar and not much other benefit. Go for the real thing so you get the rest of the benefits, like fibre.

    Do a bit more cardio and focus on interval training (ie. HIIT)

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