Hi all,

New to posting on the boards but have already read a lot of the posts here. This will be one of two posts regarding a workout and nutrition plan. My sister-in-law said that she would do a workout with me to keep us both motivated, and i said I would look into research and give this a shot!

I'm currently employed at two desk jobs. One is 9-6 M thru F, and the other picks up randomly every few weeks after work. In about a month I have my first Child due, so we're looking forward to that! That having been said, those are my only real hold-ups to getting this workout/nutrition plan going.

What I need is this: High caloric/protein meals, either liquid or solid, that I can make at night, make on the weekends, or make QUICKLY in the morning before work. I do have a jug of Whey protein, which I threw up the first time I had due to my GERD and a mild case of lactose-intolerance. I was stupid and just chugged the shake...and did not have any TUMS or anything else. I do not think that will happen again!

I know that a few things I need to buy are pretty obvious: cottage cheese (with some sort of flavoring to mix), milk, chicken breasts, salmon in a can. I also have lentils that I can probably do something with. Money is tight but I am willing to give this a shot if I can get some proven results. I am determined to get to a weight of 150lbs by the end of summer.

Any help is appreciated!