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    Creatine/Protein Combo

    I am new to this site and just joined a gym about a month ago. I am wanting to start working out hard. I have read a lot of threads on this site about creatine and protein and have seen a lot of people mentioning different products over the past couple years. I am just wanting to know a good creatine and protein combo to take that is maybe up to date. What kind of great up to date products are out there?

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    Re: Creatine/Protein Combo

    Just from what I've seen its all the same unless you spend the big bucks. A simple creatine and whey from your local drug store is good. I haven't heard or tried any major brand stuff. So idk if that helps. Im on no xplode which is suppost to have bsn's "special" mix of creatine. But from what i've read its no different. Even a simple one like that from a drug store will help. Creatine and whey are simple its the other stuff that gets more confusing and left to each persons opinion. Best thing is try some different stuff. First read and compare some different ones then try it for a month. Your body will react different then someone else. Or ask someone at the gym that you see working hard. Chances are their on some supplement.

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    Re: Creatine/Protein Combo

    MuscleTech has actually just came out with a new protein/creatine combo called NOP-47. NOP-47 also doubles as a pre-workout drink and I have just finished my first bottle of it. I have been very happy with the results of NOP-47. I started to use it because I wanted to cycle off the stimulants that are in the pre-workout supplements I was previously using. It contains whey protein isolate, arginine, creatine, and their new whey protein hydrolsate so lately I have been skipping my post-protein shake and go straight to a meal to save money. I am very busy and sometimes don’t have the time to get a good meal prior to workout and this is an excellent way to make sure my muscles are properly fueled. The pumps are great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something new to try, you won’t be disappointed. If you like this check out Muscletech NOP-47 Review

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    Re: Creatine/Protein Combo

    MUSCLE TECH Suxxxx.. Period. Anyone that spends $$ on that ad campaign should go back to needle point

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    Re: Creatine/Protein Combo

    Unless you were mistakenly talking about casein, I would really not recommend a creatine/protein mix. You only supplement about 5g of creatine mono daily, and since creatine mono is so cheap honestly you're better off just getting that separately from protein. That is, you can always take in more protein (in a day, not necessarily in a serving), but after a certain point you'd be wasting the creatine. So if a supp had a mixture of creatine and protein, you'd be wasting your money since the excess creatine you take in from the mix would just be pissed out.

    As for good brands, ON's 100% whey and creatine mono are always highly recommended. This is especially true for the creatine since it's made from CreaPure. I've heard good things about Dymatize Elite Whey. And then there's also TrueProtein that makes high quality protein. Can either get Whey Protein Concentrate or Whey Protein Isolates. The best WPI would be the cold filtration one, as it tastes the best and dissolves so well you really dont even need to shake it. A few stirs in a glass will dissolve it.

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